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About trading system – is an international trading platform, which is based on the principle of direct integration of complex logistic into international procurement area. Multi-language support provides search of Goods and Suppliers all over the world, regardless of continent and language knowledge. Patterned RFQ system renders possible for user to send request quotation to all suppliers of certain goods in one click. Automated product selection system makes possible for supplier to prepare commercial offers fast and effective, using minimal human resources.

Logistics Freight Management System, which is incorporated into INMAEX system will help Buyers and Suppliers to do business directly. They can proceed without man-in-the-middle on any stage - starting with supplier search, cooperative production and selling planning and up to the delivery of goods to consumer.

Effective and fast search for goods, partners, suppliers all over the world.

  • One of the world's largest catalogues of goods / factories / manufacturers and sellers
  • Multi-language support
  • Selection of products with targeted characteristics with one click.

Multilingual trading platform makes possible for its participants to realize the strategy of supply and selling in any region of the world, regardless their language knowledge.

  • Reduction of the language barrier between Customers and Suppliers.
  • Increase in work effectiveness
  • Characteristics and names of goods in native languages

INMAEX LLC provides full service of organization and supporting delivery chain anywhere in the world:

  • Help in negotiating
  • Tech support
  • Information support
  • Complex logistics
  • Customs processing
  • Transaction support

Moderation of goods groups in conjunction with massive filter opportunities made possible for customer to reduce the time needed to find goods:

  • Improved search effectiveness.
  • Shorter time to find goods and supplier.
  • Minimization of junk search results.

International trade system is the most effective tool for bargaining between manufacturers and buyers from different countries.

  • Multisectoral trade platform
  • Fast and convenient bargaining both inboard the region and between countries
  • Simplified buying and selling across the world

Effective and fast search for goods, partners and suppliers all over the world.

  • Friendly user interface
  • Absence of garbage information and advertisements
  • Broad options of platform
  • High rate of work

Free web resource provides automated goods searching and receiving of price quotations for these goods, organization of supply, marketing implements and analytic abilities.

  • Principle of .one stop shop.
  • Integrated control system of selling, purchasing and logistics
  • Automation of routine work
  • INMAEX Help and Transaction support on any stage of supply chain

INMAEX.COM offers a wide range of opportunities for optimization of procurement activity: from finding supplier till delivery of goods to warehouse.

  • Effective tool for direct buying
  • Domestic and international purchasing
  • Automation of routine processes of organization and request sending.
  • Multicast offer request sending
  • Supplying of logistic possibilities
  • Analytics and statistics


  • Shorten time for searching of products and suppliers
  • Domestic procurements
  • International procurements
  • Multicast and direct mailing of request for quotation
  • Cooperative processing and order guiding

Central system of procurement on the global level.

  • Effective Supply Chain Strategy
  • Simplified delivery cycle
  • Planning and realization of delivery
  • INMAEX Help on any stage of your business
  • Bargain protection

Do you want to buy something abroad? You can do it easily using INMAEX service, which can deliver anything around the world, including such options as: logistics, customs, certification, and delivery cost optimization.

  • Helping with negotiations
  • Drawing up contracts
  • Effective logistics
  • Quality audit
  • Delivery
  • Customs processing
  • Legal backing

Single-click easy RFQ, based on set of characteristics from all suppliers.

  • Simple drafting of request and it's split second mailing
  • Wide range of products worldwide
  • Handy selection of offer according to the request
  • Simple way of connection with supplier
  • Multicast offer request sending

Handy and clever catalogue structure. Friendly user interface, easy-to-operate control, powerful capabilities.

  • User-friendly products search
  • Clever catalogue structure
  • Wide range of products choice: from raw materials and chemicals till equipment and machines
  • Built in mechanism of goods benchmarking study
  • Viewing prices and suppliers

INMAEX Logistics creates cost-effective usage value.

  • Calculation of goods costs for any part of the world
  • Delivery, customs processing and cost optimization
  • Consultations and support of customers
  • Finding goods and negotiating with suppliers
  • Built-in logistics

New sales outlets. Equal conditions. Successful sales.

  • Favourable products offer for target audience (reference public).
  • Auto-selection of goods.
  • INMAEX provides language and transport support.
  • Service level development for clients.

Cooperation between Seller and Buyer, simplified system of partnership.

  • Economy of working hours for customer support
  • Direct mailing of commercial offers all over the world
  • Notification system for new requests and order status changes
  • Ample information access opportunities

Automated, instant and controlled selection of goods. Leaving routine processes for computer:

  • Improve the level of service for client
  • Automated goods selection according to the request
  • Easy to make new goods using web INMAEX
  • Request processing automation
  • Easy to manage orders
  • Language and transport support of INMAEX

INMAEX offers high usage simplicity of trade system and services. Everyone can sell, buy and use the website.

  • Intuitive menu
  • Multilingual interface
  • Minimal amount of control elements
  • Convenient creation and editing of goods
  • Easy bargaining, domestic and international
  • INMAEX technical support

Simple and affordable tools for effective cooperation between Seller and Buyer.

  • Management of extensive supply source base
  • Statistics of all incoming requests
  • Statistics of approved and rejected offer requests
  • Partitioning requests by product groups

INMAEX Logistics creates cost-effective usage value.

  • Calculation of goods costs for any part of the world
  • Delivery, customs processing and cost optimization
  • Consultations and support of customers
  • Finding goods and negotiating with suppliers
  • Built-in logistics

Marketing support and sales promotion.

  • SEO optimization, Top Ranking, Banner Suite and Main Shows
  • INMAEX consultations on export/import and transportation
  • Customer support

INMAEX provides continuous flow of goods from seller to buyer all over the world.

  • Full range of hauling by any type of transport
  • Choice of the best route
  • Tracking of cargo delivery
  • Customs processing
  • The built-in logistics management system for optimization of routes and costs

Cargo delivery of any size and complexity to all regions and countries.

  • Container transportations
  • LCL delivery
  • Special transportation service: oversize cargo and dangerous cargo
  • Warehouses
  • Variety of the best routes and coasts

Sea freight of goods from Supplier to Buyer across the planet.

  • Shipload and coastal shippings
  • Single source contracts with marine lines
  • Special transportation service: oversize cargo and dangerous cargo
  • Variety of the best routes and coasts.

Import / export processing.

  • Calculation of customs payments and risks
  • Customs transit
  • Legal consulting
  • Deal guarantee

INMAEX built-in logistics management system was created to improve the effectiveness of logistics operations.

  • Finding supplier and products, procurements, selling, logistics in one one-stop-shop service
  • Quantity minimization of resellers
  • Calculation and value adjustment of delivery
  • Logistic management by INMAEX as the forwarding agent